The Personalised & Connected Health (PCH) ecosystem

The Personalised & Connected Health (PCH) ecosystem is an open innovation network of start-ups, businesses, organizations, health professionals and researchers in the northern provinces of the Netherlands. The ecosystem facilitates the development of innovative digital products, connected devices and/or services that contribute to a Personal Health Environment. Such environments allow individuals to monitor information about their personal health and to work actively on improving it.

The ecosystem improves the chances of commercial success for PCH applications by bringing relevant parties together to collaborate on projects, or discuss challenges and opportunities. Research results are shared and discussed, and applicable information is distributed during communal expert sessions.

PCH funding

Parties located in the north of the Netherlands can apply for funding to cover up to a maximum of 40% of the costs for fundamental research, industrial research, experimental development or feasibility study.

For further details, requirements, and to apply for funding, go to this page.

PCH for business

The PCH network offers legal, financial and commercial support to businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who develop innovative digital products or services that contribute to (preventive) healthcare and well-being.   

Contact us via this page when you are engaged in business and have questions such as:

  • I would like to receive feedback on the business case
  • I have a research question
  • I am looking for an environment to test my innovation or conduct a pilot study
  • I would like to work together with researchers or health professionals
  • I have questions regarding securing and anonymizing data
  • I would like to receive support with the application for funding

PCH for researchers

The PCH ecosystem offers valorisation support to research and research facilities who want to create societal or economic impact.

Contact us via this page when you are a researcher and have questions such as:

  • I want to gather data via an application, wearable and/or Personal Health Environment, where do I start?
  • I have a question concerning laws and regulations on the security of research data
  • I am looking for a platform to present my research results
  • I am looking for a strategic partner to commercialise a research product or concept
  • Can I apply for a patent?